Great Gatsby, Copyright, and the Public Domain

Is the Great Gatsby in the public domain? The book was written in 1925 and Fitzgerald passed away in 1940. Copyright generally expires 70 years after the author’s death, so you could be forgiven for thinking the answer is “yes.” If you live in Australia, Canada, or another jurisdiction outside the US, you can already get […]

The Economist on Internet Politics

On Monday I gave a round-up of my posts on internet politics over the past year or so. Recently The Economist wrote a similar review. It is worth reading in full if this topic interests you. In this post we will discuss a few key points from that article, demonstrating the increasing relevance of politics […]

Internet Politics Round-Up

2012 was a busy year for followers of internet politics. The SOPA controversy began in late 2011, and really picked up steam with the blackout protest on January 18. Later that month we shared news of the arrest of an Iranian programmer. In February, Jody Baumgartner put out a CFP on “The Internet and Campaign […]

Wednesday Nerd Fun: The Hollywood Operating System

There are a whole host of movie occurrences that differ with reality, and scientists/programmers/nerds differ in their willingness to suspend disbelief. If you are on the lower end of that spectrum, or just get a laugh at how badly Hollywood misunderstands technology, you should enjoy today’s oldie-but-goodie midweek joke. Over at we find the development guidelines for […]

Why I Blacked Out

The Internet, as of this writing, is an anarchic system. While there are certain regulations and norms that govern behavior, they are not strong. There is no individual or subset of individual users/developers who can claim legitimate authority to coerce others over the Internet. For now, it remains free. The Stop Online Piracy Act (H.R. […]

Opposing the “Stop Online Piracy” Act

I’ve been following the issue in articles like this one at The Atlantic, which has a great video that will get you up to speed quickly. Over the weekend I corresponded with one of the members of the Duke Office of Scholarly Communication, who regularly deals with issues of copyright and intellectual property. I share […]