Options there are obviously limited, with BK having the largest market share based on anecdotal evidence. The pie chart is of fractional dollar amounts, not calorie counts or number of meals (both of which would be interesting but would take more work than I am willing to do right now). There is only one Wendy's in Montego Bay, and it's a little expensive for the market but could probably stand to expand. A full salad there is about JMD 700, or 10% of the weekly minimum wage. When children in the markets talk about their favorite meal, they reminisce about the occasional trip to KFC or Pizza Hut. Did you realize that in many developing countries American fast-food is an aspirational meal?

If anyone is looking for an investment, get in touch with the people at Island Grill and start franchising in the United States. A Durham, NC location would be preferable for me, but I can promise a ready market in Houston, Atlanta, and Tampa too.