In the department of "You've got to be kidding me..." 

Frequent readers will know that I am interested in issues of nature, technology, and politics. I had not anticipated them meeting in this way:

To be clear, the E-rated "Super Mario 3D Land" never suggests that Mario slaughtered an animal for its fur. In fact, the magical Tanooki suits that he wears in the game typically spring from magical squares that magically hover in the air. These squares magically give up the suits (which at first look like magical leaves) when Mario bumps his head into them....

It's hard to believe that the folks over at PETA truly believe that a video game starring tiny man in a magical children's costume actually contributes to worldwide fur wearing. If they did believe Nintendo's new game had that kind of impact on behavior, then they should have also mentioned Mario's abuse of the turtle-like Koopa creatures.

But this is not the first time PETA has skewered video games as a way to grab attention.

More here. And yes, I realize that by posting this I am giving them exactly what they want.