Algeria kills three leaders of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM, French: AQMI) and provides their names. The original French version is here. I ran it through Google Translate, and fixed obviously incorrect renderings here, with the original in parentheses:

The search operation conducted by security forces in the Boumerdes region has resulted in the elimination of three "emirs" of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which are among the eleven terrorists killed by the army between Monday and Tuesday on the mountains of Beni Khelifa, overlooking the town of Beni Amrane, southeast of Boumerdes, does one has learned this Wednesday from local sources.

The three identified are issued Doulache Abdelmalek, an explosives expert (artificier) of the terrorist group working (activant) in Beni Amrane, Tarek Hadjeress [of the] group [in] Djerah and Aït Messouadene Rafik, emir of the group of Thenia. A fourth terrorist, Ahmed Mazouh, working with the group in (activant au sein du groupe) Djerah, was also identified by the security services who continue the identification process of the other seven terrorists killed.

I obviously did not correct run-on sentences. Anyone with a better translation is welcome to comment.