Nothing gets a good nerdfight going like whose academic discipline is more real. Since the Gawker published this list earlier this month, the heat has hopefully died down enough for people to enjoy the rivalry. My own field comes in at #26, just below "Foreign language (Useless type)" but right above "Drama or film."

At least we weren't consigned to the group of "completely fake fields of study," which were left off the list entirely. Scroll down for Sheldon Cooper's take on the social sciences.

1. Physics
2. Astronomy or other Space Science
3. Philosophy
4. Engineering
5. Math
6. History
7. Chemistry
8. Biology or other Life Science
9. Foreign language (Useful type)
10. Computer Science
11. Agriculture
12. Geology or other Earth Science
13. Architecture
14. Literature
15. Law
16. Geography
17. Music
18. Economics
19. Study of Some Foreign Place or Culture
20. Archaeology
21. Anthropology
22. Religion or Theology
23. Art
24. Education
25. Foreign Language (Useless type)
26. Political Science
27. Drama or Film
28. Phys Ed, Sports Management or other Major Designed For Athletes
29. Journalism or "Communications"
30. Business
31. Psychology
32. Sociology