The blog is Paper and Salt, and it is described thusly in its inaugural post:

A love of good books often comes with a love of good food.  It’s in the many mouth-watering descriptions we encounter in novels, the wealth of new food memoirs, and the explosion of incredible food writing and blogging online. But it isn’t just today’s writers that have a personal obsession with food. We hear about it in Ted Hughes’ letters, see it in Emily Dickinson’s recipes, and imagine it in Hemingway’s cafés. And when I hear about the food that inspired them, I want to eat it too.

One of the early recipes is salmon croquettes, accompanied by an amusing anecdote debunking the myth that William Faulkner lived entirely on a liquid diet.

For more foodie fun check out Tyler Cowen's An Economist Gets Lunch. The book has been reviewed widely, including by The Atlantic, which is the source of the video below.

[brightcove vid=1557085006001&exp3=1054655355001&surl=,AAAABvb_NGE~,DMkZt2E6wO3_sfth6vHgTpNZZSEwcydt&w=300&h=225]