Tired of your boring old touchpad? Why not use Play-Doh instead? Or bananas? That's what MaKey Makey allows you to do, and Gizmodo describes it thusly:

With their Makey Makey open source hardware project, Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum have taken such touch interaction to a much more entertaining and inventive degree....

Based on research at MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten and two years in the making, the Makey Makey printed board features six inputs on the front for attaching alligator clips. These are assigned to the arrow keys and space bar on a computer keyboard and the left button of a mouse. The other end of the clip can be secured to anything that conducts even the tiniest amount of electricity.

With a website, game or learning program loaded into the USB-connected computer, a user would then grab a cable running from the earth strip with one hand and make contact with the chosen object with the other. The upshot of all this wizardry is that... a short message made from alphabet soup can type an email or status update when touched.