The Setup is a cool new site with interviews from all kinds of nerd heroes: designers, photographers, engineers, programmers, and so on. The interviews are all structured basically the same. First, the interviewee is asked about what they do, and they usually answer by describing both their professional and personal lives (note how many of them mention their home office). Second, what hardware do they use? In the interviews I've read, this often means a list of 3-4 key devices. Finally, the interviewee mentions the software they use most often. This is where I've seen the most variation between interviews.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="587"] XKCD on Computer Problems[/caption]

Here are some fun ones:

Kellan O'Connor, SpaceX

Drew Conway, NYU

James Freeman, Blue Bottle Coffee

Paul Graham, essayist and YCombinator chief

Benjamin Mako Hill, MIT

Paula Pell, NBC (she includes coffee as hardware)

Eric Raymond, open source developer

why, Internet rodent (and author of the Poignant Guide to Ruby)

Stephen Wolfram

The full list is here. Enjoy!