Stata is a software program for running statistical analysis, as readers who have been to grad school in the social sciences in the last couple of decades will know. Compared to R Stata is like an old TI-83 calculator, but it remains popular with those who spent the best years of their lives typing commands into its green-on-black interface. I recently discovered that Stata shares one important feature with the TI-83 calculator: the ability to play games. (For TI-83 games, see here and here.)

Eric Booth of Texas A&M shares this implementation of Blackjack in Stata:

The game is played by typing -blackjack- into the command window and then the game prompts the user for the amount she wants to bet (default is $500 which replenishes after you lose it all or you exit Stata), and whether to hit or stay.  It doesn't accurately represent all the rules and scenarios of a real game a blackjack (e.g., no doubling down), so don't use it to prep for your run at taking down a Vegas casino.

Booth's blog provides other fun, unconventional uses of Stata as well. There's a script that lets you Google from the Stata interface, one that lets you control iTunes, and even one for running commands from an iPhone.

This post is probably less "general interest" than most of the nerd fun posts, but I hope you enjoyed it.