Readers of this blog may enjoy Theory Talks, which I recently discovered thanks to a link on Twitter that I cannot remember now. Here's how the site describes itself:

Theory Talks is an interactive forum for discussion of debates in International Relations with an emphasis of the underlying theoretical issues. By frequently inviting cutting-edge specialists in the field to elucidate their work and to explain current developments both in IR theory and real-world politics, Theory Talks aims to offer both scholars and students a comprehensive view of the field and its most important protagonists.

The interviews tend to follow a pattern of questions, which I like because you can compare views between scholars in different interviews. The three questions they ask in every interview I have read so far are:

  1. What is, according to you, the biggest challenge / principal debate in current IR? What is your position or answer to this challenge / in this debate?
  2. How did you arrive at where you currently are in IR?
  3. What would a student need to become a specialist in IR like yourself?

Here are some interviews with big names to get you started: