BabyNames_NameTagIn America we have a tradition of ridiculous baby names dating back to our Puritan founders. Without regulation, we end up with names like Noun, Comma, and even Semicolon. There's even a whole book of Bad Baby Names. Citizens of other countries, including Iceland, Germany, Sweden, China and Japan, aren't subjected to such risks:

In the case of Iceland, it's about meeting certain rules of grammar and gender, and saving the child from possible embarrassment. Sometimes, although not in every case, officials also insist that it must be possible to write the name in Icelandic.

There is a list of 1,853 female names, and 1,712 male ones, and parents must pick from these lists or seek permission from a special committee.

Maybe we need stronger regulation to prevent disasters like Hilary, now considered the most poisoned name in US history. More at the BBC.