We just talked about this less than two weeks ago: countries that have lists of banned baby names, or lists of permissible names. Azerbaijan will soon join the second category, with one important difference. The Azeri government's justification for the new rule is that some monikers are politically unacceptable:

The “green” list will include names which can be freely given to children. The “yellow” list will contain unwelcome names – these might be ones likely to be mocked or that sound bad in other languages. The names from the third category, the “red” list, will be forbidden. They might refer to people who are considered aggressors against the Azeri people or have double or obscene meaning in the Azeri language.

A government committee has been compiling the list of acceptable names (currently about 8,000) for several years. The most common bans are for "foreign sounding" names like Dmitry and Lenin. "National" names like Pioneer and Tractor are on the green list.

[via PRI's The World]