r-anarchismIn a recent conversation on Twitter, Christopher Zorn said that Stata is fascism, R is anarchism, and SAS is masochism. While only one of these is plausibly a programming language, it's an interesting political analogy. We've discussed the politics of the Ruby language before.

Today I wanted to share a speaker deck by Angus Croll on the politics of Javascript. He describes periods of anarchy (1995-2004), revolution (2004-2006), and coming of age (2007-2010). We're currently in "the itch" (2011-2013). There are a number of other political dimensions in the slides as well. Click the image below to see the deck in full.


If anyone knows of a video of the presentation, I'd love to see it. Croll also wrote an entertaining article with Javascript code in the style of famous authors like Hemingway, Dickens, and Shakespeare.