My book, Computational Frameworks for Political and Social Research with Python, is now available from Amazon and Springer. The book teaches graduate students the Python programming language, beginning with basic concepts and then applying them to research in the social sciences.

The book can be used by students with any level of prior programming experience, but we recommend complete beginners to use it along side another basic introductory Python text. One such book is Learn Python the Hard Way, which used to be available as a free e-book. Another good resources is Practical Python Programming by David Beazly.

There are currently a large number of free introductory Python textbooks online that could be use alongside ours:

Instructors wishing to assign basic Python exercises as homework could use The Python Workbook by Ben Stephenson.

Our book also makes use of a number of other free online resources including GitHub, PythonAnywhere, and MongoDB.

The fall of 2020 may be an unusual semester, but programming courses are well-suited to online learning. For more about our book, see