Morgan Housel writes:

$80.7 billion of Warren Buffett’s $81 billion net worth was accumulated after his 50th birthday. Seventy-eight billion of the $81 billion came after he qualified for Social Security, in his mid-60s.

What if Buffett had decided to retire at 50 with $300 million, or at 65 with $3 billion? He would have been a wealthy man, but not a legend.

The secret is that he found something he enjoyed so much that he didn’t want to quit. You can do that too — and it doesn’t have to be investing. Anything you do with compounding returns will benefit from spending additional time in the game. Learn new skills, practice your craft, and get a little bit better every year.

The alternative to this is “get rich quick” schemes where you do something you hate for a few years with a plan to move on afterward. If that works out, your return is still limited because you quit playing the game. And if it doesn’t work out, you’ve wasted your greatest asset: time.

Find something you love to do and keep at it. Time is on your side.