Each chapter in this book takes a scientific look at a gruesome way to die. It is perfect for fans of Mary Roach, and could also be translated into a very entertaining podcast.

I found the most cringeworthy chapter to be the one about a swarm of bees.

The book is also quite Zen. Here are example sentences from the first three chapters:

  • “Even if it seems like the wind is constant, it isn’t, and the flag is in a perpetual state of change and adjustment” (chapter 1, “What would happen if your airplane window popped out?”)
  • “Once you get in your car you’re way more likely to die in an accident driving to the beach, and once you get to the beach you’re far more likely to die in a collapsing sand pit on your way to the water” (chapter 2, “What if you were attacked by a great white shark?”)
  • “Walking is really just a series of falls and catches” (chapter 3, “What if you slipped on a banana peel?”)