Two ideas stand out in this book. The first is an idea that Godin repeats, both in the book and in his podcast: “People like us do things like this.” The phrase is repeated at least four times verbatim in the book. It means that marketers should tell a story about a culture, about the people that belong to it, and about the choices those people make. If your audience identifies with that tribe, they will feel social pressure to engage in the behavior you are highlighting.

The second idea is closely related to that tribal notion: that instead of seeking the widest audience for your product, you should seek the smallest viable audience. If you can please a small group, they may then go on to tell others about how much they love your work. It is also easier to surprise and delight your customers if you know what they want, and you know who your work is not intended for. This is related to Kevin Kelly’s idea of “1,000 True Fans.”