This is an abridged list of talks that I have given. You can also find links to some courses I have taught on my about page.

  • Clustering (Practical Machine Learning)

    Clustering (Practical Machine Learning)

    This talk was presented as part of a series organized by Aditya Somani. The talk introduces clustering by describing the pros and cons of DBSCAN, K-Means, and Gaussian Expectation-Maximization. The audience was composed primarily of software engineers and GIS experts. Thanks to Mark Gingrich, Lionel Gueguen, Scott High, and Chris Leibs for their comments on early drafts of the presentation.

  • ICML 2017 Recap

    ICML 2017 Recap

  • Testing and Object-Oriented Development

    Testing and Object-Oriented Development

    This talk describes the connection between writing testable code and good design principles.

  • Continuous Builds: Jenkins, Docker, and Phabricator

    Continuous Builds: Jenkins, Docker, and Phabricator

  • Sharpening Your Git Skills

    Sharpening Your Git Skills

  • What Does a Web Developer Do?

    What Does a Web Developer Do?

    This was a presentation for the Denver Public Library’s 2016 Teen Dev Camp. The goal was to demonstrate that the students’ web development skills the students were transferrable to other domains such as mobile apps, and to encourage them to continue learning about development.

  • QCon NY 2016 Recap

    QCon NY 2016 Recap

    A recap of my favorite talks from QCon 2016. I reviewed the conference in more detail here.

  • Overview of a Recommendation System

    Overview of a Recommendation System

    This presentation is an overview of a recommendation system that I built at Ibotta.

  • Thinking Conditionally

    Thinking Conditionally

  • Sustainable Planning
    by Kris McDonald and Matt Dickenson

    Sustainable Planning

  • Clustering and Classification

    Clustering and Classification

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